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Now you don't have to use a board or a handheld for time study.

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TDX products now run on most PC platforms from servers, desktops, laptops, netbooks, UMPCs and tablet PCs all with one program.

File compatible with Timedex and immediately exportable to Excel, Axcess, SQL etc.

Ideal for process and production engineers - diary sheets in offices and call centres as well as industrial engineers.


TDX Capture NEW!! NEW!!

The year 2010 finds us (certainly in the UK) struggling with proprietory study boards that force us, when in teams, to wait for our turn on the project PC then spend goodness knows how long looking through scruffy notes to make the obligatory edits.

Thirty years ago we would spend half an hour working up the studies - now we still are! Great work study practice that!

TDX Capture (and Timedex) let you get your editing done before you get back to the office. No queues.

Works inside the 800 x 480 screen now standard on Netbooks and UMPCS and of course, will sit inside any larger screen.

TDX products - designed to reduce study costs - big time

TDX Capture

Now you can use your smaller format PC for study work.

  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Netbook
  • UMPC

Free Timedex

The old systems, Timedex and Activity (test marketed in 2002/3) are now free to use having been passed around quietly over the last few years and are available from a number of sources including download.

New upgraded and easier to use products are being developed - in the meantime please feel free to use and distribute freely the older versions.

As the earlier products cost nothing to use I will not be able to fully support them. However I am putting together FAQ pages together with plenty of advice on installing and using these systems so no one should have too many difficulties. Last resort, get in touch with me and I'll try to help or get someone (an existing user) who can.

In September 2009 the Institute of Management Services Journal reviewed much of the product range, from the early release handheld products through to the new TDX Analysis product.

I am pleased to say that there have been a lot of downloads from across the world with great interest from the Far East. I suppose people like free stuff!


I have just about finished the upgrade of TDX Analysis and from some point in April I hope that it will be issued as an unlimited version to buy. The free download will have greater restrictions on it with 150 only observations saveable and functionalities reduced on study stacking.

Sorry about the delays - but on the other hand, get the TDX Analysis old version in quick before I withdraw it because it at least gives you 350 observations analysed for free. The new version will be more limited.

Future Plans


Handheld systems

Last year I had expected to move on to an update of the PPC version (and one for the Palm). However, although there are still PPCs around and still being made it is clear that in a few years time handheld system will be based around devices such as the iPhone, UMPC and others now becoming available, This being the case, I have started to concentrate on telphone versions (especially the "half screens" - after all, that is where the PPC is going now. The first ones will be around in the summer.

Meantime, I decided to pull together some code for a general PC study application as we now have machines such as netbooks (that are actually all but fully portable) and the little known but brilliant PPC (portable as any plastic button or wooden board). That is what TDX Capture is about.

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